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America is the land of opportunity, and the land of the lazy. As long as you are not lazy you will find opportunities.

Womba Munguya

Husband, Father, Keynote Speaker, Intraprenuer to Entrepreneurs, Influence Strategist, and so much more. 

I have had the opportunity to be around business all my life.  Being a first generation immigrant has provided a unique perspective.  My parents had a vision and a dream to change the course of our families life.  The places we have been have helped shape our experiences.  From Zambia, to small town Kansas, to all over the country, the journey is has been amazing. There are twists and turns that I have learned through personal defeats.  It is through this that I have learned and now teach how to improve yourself.  There are many people that struggle to find help.  That is what WE are here to do now.  Most individuals can't afford to get the mentorship that will help them excel in their chosen fields.  WE have found a way to make this attainable for all people no matter their economic standing.  Join us on the journey of doing something different.

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